This year, new technology will be making its way into our workspaces, so let’s take a look at some of the trends industry experts expect to see in 2022.

1. “Work-from-anywhere” will stay strong
The current trend of working from home is almost certainly here to stay. In fact, Lenovo predicts that it will transform into an even more hybrid model as we “think outside the office.”

Now, corporations and entrepreneurs alike will be turning to office equipment rental in Vancouver or even downtown Vancouver office rental for meetings and project collaborations instead of maintaining an expensive brick-and-mortar address year-round.

2. We’ll move away from password protection
It sounds futuristic to think of never needing another password to protect your data, but we are headed there faster than ever.

Biometrics and alternative security systems are already positioned to overtake traditional password protection. Most smartphones already have fingerprint and facial recognition security measures, so this is not nearly as farfetched as it might sound.

This is especially true as we see an uptick in people relying on business office rental and working from public locations that do not have suitable security protocols.

3. Artificial intelligence will keep getting smarter and more connected
As AI continues to develop, experts say that we can expect to see even more intelligent and more intuitive user interfaces for our devices. For example, text and email applications will learn how users communicate and offer predictive text as a way to communicate faster and more effectively.

We can also expect to see newer, more creative ways to communicate and collaborate as technology continues to become more “connected” via intuitive smart devices.

Let Shelley Morris help you work smarter in 2022
Overwhelmingly, experts are predicting that we will be moving away from traditional office settings and communication methods. While this means it may not be practical to maintain an expensive office building, it’s essential to have access to the benefits of an office when you need them.

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